Tele Channel

Steel is one of the most versatile and widely used manufacturing materials available. Mild steel is so called because it contains less carbon than other forms of steel, and it is this reduced carbon content which makes it terrifically ductile and easy to work with. Suitable for cutting, drilling and welding to suit almost any requirement, it is a popular choice of material for the construction industry.

  • Strong and very versatile
  • Suitable for welding
  • Widely recycled
  • Available cut to size

Mild steel channel is commonly used in a number of structure enhancing and edging projects; offering a durable, reliable and long lasting finish.

The mild steel channel is used mainly for :

  • fabrication of doors and windows in newly constructed buildings.
  • The mild steel channel is also used for construction of buildings, ships, bridges.
  • And other large steel structures.

The company manufactures a range of M S Tele channels that are designed in flawless manner to be used in multifarious industries. They are :

Tele ChannelTele Channel
Table : Mild Steel Telechannel as per IS 3954-1994