Rolling Mill

In the rolling process, billets/ingot are transformed into a variety of high quality products through a complex heating and rolling process.

The billets/ingot are heated to a specific temperature for the grade of steel being produced. This is accomplished by the use of a oil fired, pusher type reheat furnace that heats the billets/ingot to required rolling temperature.

The reheated billets/ingot are fed into a continuous rolling. Here the billets/ingot are progressively squeezed, reduced and lengthened, developing the required size of the steel and producing its final shape. As the steel moves through a series of roll stands, its section decreases and it moves faster and faster. Our finished products include :

  • Flats.
  • Channels.
  • Angles.
  • Square.
  • Round.
  • Metal liner bar.
  • Fish plate bar.
  • And Special profiles as per customer drawing.

The finished sections are kept onto a cooling bed. Here the bars are cooled, once off the cooling bed, the steel is straightened, sheared to final length, stacked and bundled, tagged and loaded onto trucks or container for final shipment.

Product quality is of utmost importance throughout the rolling process. Careful attention to details and regular sample inspection ensure finished product will meet customer specifications. Quality Assurance technicians also aid in the over all quality process by auditing random samples for compliance to requirements.

Rolling Mill