Melt Shop

The Melt Shop is the heart of the steel making operation. Here, raw metallic scrap is transformed into a semi-finished product of correct size and chemistry to be rolled to shape by the Rolling Mill.

The first of many steps in the steel making process is charging the scrap material into the Furnace. Various scrap mixtures (recipes) are used to produce the proper melt-in chemistry. Controlled additions of other elements also ensure optimum furnace conditions for efficient melting.

After processing, the molten steel is carried to the mould where it is solidified into its form, and cut to specified lengths for rolling.

Our company is producing high quality of steel in the melt shop. The prime raw materials used are sponge iron, pig iron and MS scrap in an effective manner. We are increasing our production capacity in the melt shop per year by adding new equipment. Steel is mainly used for the manufacturing of rolled products for automobile and engineering sector.

Salient Features :

  • 100% Continuous casting of steel.
  • Converters gas cooling, cleaning and recovery systems.
  • Computerisation of the converter process.