Fish Plates

A fish plate means a plate that fastens. Fish plate is a steel plate that is bolted to the sides at the ends of two rails or beams, to join them.

We manufacture a wide range of Fish Plates using high quality raw materials. These Joint Plates are extensively used in the construction of railway tracks for their sturdiness and better service life. These Railway Track Fish Plates, available in different dimensions, are convenient to install due to their light weight. They are suitable for bearing heavy load and extreme weather conditions. These are comparatively light in weight and require low maintenance.

Fishplate Bar

Our range of Fish Plates are :

Fishplate Bars for fishplates as per Drg/Spec IRS-T-I & Joggled Fishplate Bars as per Drg/Spec IRS-T-I

Ordinary Fishplate as per RDSO drawings no T-090(M), T-1898, T-1(M), T-059 to T-061(M), T-5915, T-5916, T-5850 to T-5851, T-2185 to T-2186, T-2188 for Rails 60R, 90R, 52 kgs & 60 kgs(UIC).

Joggled Fishplate as per IRS T-6 & RDSO Drg. No. T-5848, T-5849, EDO-T-620, T-5551, T-5552, T4016, T835 for 60R, 90R, 52 kgs & 60 kgs(UIC).

Special Fishplate for Glude Joints as per RDSO Drg. No. T-5361, T-671, T-5843, T-2572 as per T-1 specification

Combination Fishplate as per Spec. IRST-6 & Drg.No. T-696, TOT-699, CSO 1900 & 1901.

Any other profile / any grade of fish plate / as per customers drawing & specification.